Sponsorship Opportunities APRAG Conference 2016

Sponsoring the APRAG Conference 2016 will allow your organization to be associated with one of the most important events in the international arbitration calendar. The delegates and others who are exposed to sponsor’s branding and material are sophisticated international bussiness leaders, travellers and consumers and represent a highly attractive market for both professional service companies andother high quality organizers.
Th sponsorship packages are being announced now to allow potential sponsors to consider the options.  We urge potential sponsors to move fast as the sponsorship opportunities are likely to be taken up rapidly.
Regarding on unique nature of arbitrations, the sponsors are open for APRAG members, other arbitration institutions, business-industrial associations and international law firms. The APRAG Conference Committee  are providing the sponsorship scheme as followings :

  1. APRAG CONFERENCE SPONSORS  - US$ 10,000 - Available : 8 (eight) sponsors
    • For member of APRAG and other arbitration institutions
    • Name and logo diplayed on Stage Backdrop
    • Name and logo  in the Back Cover of the Conference Proceedings Book (hardcopy) as the one of Supporting Organization.
    • Inserting brochures, ballpoint, pen, highlighter, booklet, keychain, wallet, etc, in the Material Kit Bag
    • All inserts are provided by the Sponsors
    Lunch 7 October 2016 - US$ 15,000 - Available : 1*
    Gala Dinner 7 October 2016 - US$ 20,000 - Available : 1*
    Lunch 8 October 2016  - US$ 15,000 - Available : 1
    Name and logo are printed in the Outside Back Cover of the Conference Proceedings (hardcopy) as the Supporting Organization
    *Note: Already occupied, no longer available.

    1. Inserts for Conference Bag : US$ 1,250 - Available : 10 (ten) sponsors
      • Sponsors provide inserts given to each delegate in their Conference Kit Bag.
      • The Inserts can be booklet, brochures, keychain, etc. 
      • The maximum dimensions of all paper matters (flyers, booklets) are A4 size, max 24 pages incl. cover, max paper thickness 120gsm. 
      • The small goods (keychain,  wallet, post-it pad, etc) should be in proper cover package.  The maximum dimension is 180mm x 80mm x 40mm.
      • The inserts in amount of 300 pieces must be received by the Event Organizer (contact mice@pesonawisata.com) before 26 September 2016 .
    2. USB flash disk : US$ 2,500 - Available : 2 (two) sponsors
      • Sponsors provide USB Flashdisk printed/engraved with their name and/or logo,
      • The flashdisks:
        • will be provided to each delegate in the Conference Kit Bag.
        • will be in amount of 300 pieces should be in proper cover package.
        • must be received by the Event Organizer (contact mice@pesonawisata.com) before 26 September 2016.
      • Sponsor is responsible for associated costs including design, purchasing, shipping and coordinating the delivery of the inserts to the Conference Committee (mice@pesonawisata.com).
    • The sponsors can publish their advertisement in the Conference Book (full color, A4 size)
      Inside front cover US$ 2,750 - Available : 1 (one)
      Inside back cover US$ 2,250 - Available : 1 (one)
      One page US$ 1,000 - Available:unlimited
    • The digital ads must be received by the Event Organizer before 26 September 2016.
    • The digital proof must be in PDF file (high resolution, all fonts embedded), and should have all printers’ mark.  Further specification and detailed instruction will be provided upon confirmation of advertisement order  (mice@pesonawista.com).
    • The availability of each sponsorship item above are subject to the space and time restrictions. Please contact the organizers (mice@pesonawista.com) for update the availabilites.

Jakarta, June 2016