Welcome Aprag Bali 2016

In October 2016, BANI Arbitration Centre of Indonesia has the honor to host the APRAG Conference.

The theme of the conference is “the Rise of International Commercial Arbitration and Developments in Investment Treaty Arbitration: Asia’s Response.”

This theme is taken because Asia in particular and other regions in the World have witnessed the tremendous growth of international commercial arbitration.

This rise is an interesting development but also a challenge especially for the arbitration institutions in the Asia. In addition, the regions have also witnessed the growth of investment arbitration disputes and how the countries in disputes have shown their resistance to the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism. This is shown among others by a number of countries, which have taken a hostile response to ISDS. A number of countries have shown their position not sign the investment treaty and plan to cancel or not to renew their bilateral investment treaties containing ISDS.

The Conference will be arranged in 5 Sessions:

1. Diversity and Unification of Arbitration Practices in Asia,

2. Third Party Funding and Costs in Investment and Commercial Arbitration ?,

3. Investment Arbitrations in Asia,

4. Prospects for harmonization of commercial and investment arbitration within the new ASEAN Economic Community,

5. Members Update and Collaboration Perspectives.

Bali has always been a well known in island the world and is one of the best islands for tourism. Bali is known as the islands of Gods and it has a unique culture and tradition where its people preserve their tradition and culture in the midst of the flowing of tourism into the island . We would like to welcome you all to come to Bali and attend the Conference. Get the fruitful and exciting discussion and exchange of ideas on international commercial arbitration. Make use the best opportunity to set up the arbitration network as well as to enjoy the Bali Island has to offer.

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Warmest regards,

M. Husseyn Umar

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